What exactly is Bipo?

Bipo is a simple way to play music through your helmet. It uses the shape of the helmet to focus the audio towards you, but also disperse so it becomes non-directional. The result is a great way to hear music as you climb a hill or enjoy your ride, but not distract you from the important sounds around you. 

How do I make sure they fit on my helmet?

The easiest way is to check if your earbuds can "hook" into the vents on your helmet. Bipo doesn't take up any extra space here, so if they catch, you're good. 

When will I get my Bipo?

To make sure we have plenty of time to get everything perfect, we are due to ship the beginning of March. 

How should I mount my iPod?

Lots of options here. Shuffles are easy, light, and simple. If you can clip it to the back of your helmet that works great. We've also had people very happily run it off a phone in a front pocket. As long as you are using Apple earbuds or earpods its really up to you!